WATCH – The advantages of LST, bending instead of topping: Cannabis growing for the chronically ill –  VIDEO

A few people have asked the benefit of LST (Low Stress Training) vs topping.

A few people have asked the benefit of LST (Low Stress Training) vs topping. Which you choose is based on your set up, time in veg, light. For completely indoor and Fluorescent or LED light, the light is not as penetrating to the bottom of the plant.

A ScrOG, screen of green is a very good method indoors or out, with a variation. If I were finishing my grow inside, I’d have made a 2-4″ grid over the plants with dowels and string. This is a form of LST that keeps your canopy even. You end up tucking the longest branches under over and over, topping if they are too aggressive. Then in bloom you can trim all the under growth not getting enough light.

Outdoors, the metal screen goes around the plant and you top it frequently, clean up the inside so energy isn’t wasted on feeding small buds on lower and inside branches. I will be showing this on my next outdoor grow. This is a method for plants in 100 gallon buckets that the big growers do. I have raised beds, so mine hopefully won’t get this large! It’s a LOT of work, and insect control is a challenge. These plants are often started inside in Jan. (Like I’ve been doing, but Is not flip to bloom and continue to veg instead until after June 1, the 14 hours of usable light. They veg a total of 6-7 months! You’ll top this plant frequently so it’s bushy rather than keep your canopy even.

You can also do a SOG, which is fast and simple with almost no veg time. You’ll cram a wall of clones in 1-2 gallon pots, never top because all must be the same strain. Each small pant gives a very big terminal bud.

Late Vegetative and early bloom give explosive growth. This is the time to top and train. Because I’m growing 5 different strains, it is hard to get them all to be the same height. You can put the shorter ones on buckets early on, but later on the growing time they’ll show their type and strain characteristics. I choose to top once at a certain height, then choose to bend and tie down branches rather than create a grid, that I cannot move my pants around. I only top any aggressive growth. The less you stress and trim or top at this stage the less stress pin the plant. Topping once gives you two giant terminal buds. Twice gives you 4, etc. By bending them instead, I’ve opened up the inside of the plant and exposed it to more light. Where each set of leaves are will now be a shoot and a terminal bud. These buds get full sun and love it. I’m hoping to not need to plant in larger containers…

Feel free to ask questions. There are a million weed videos. My top priority is hands free, once a week I feed or water and train. The blumats regulate my tent still, and when I move outside, I’ll set up outdoor blumats with a hose. 🙂