VIDEO REPORT: Purdue hosts Field Day to teach farmers about industrial hemp farming

TIPPECANOE CO., Ind. (WLFI) – Purdue researchers had an Industrial Hemp Farming Field Day Tuesday to educate people about proper hemp growing practices.

The field day showed farmers the best ways to grow and provided science based crop advice. Officials say hemp could have thousands of uses. But the main uses are for protein from the seeds, healthy fatty acids taken from the seed’s oils and clothing made from the plant’s fiber.

Researchers say hemp farming could broaden Indiana’s agricultural market.

“It diversifies our economic base beyond corn and beans and wheat, and gives us a fourth option. And I think that is something that’s really important for long-term sustainability,” said Janna Beckerman, a professor of plant pathology at Purdue.

“The THC level in our industrial hemp is about .3 percent. To give you an idea how low that is — if you were to try to purchase marijuana in Colorado, the average THC level is actually 18.75 percent,” said Beckerman.

To figure out more about Purdue’s hemp project, you can click here to check out their website.