Is Honduras a Good Place to Grow Industrial Hemp?

Is Honduras a Good Place to Grow Industrial Hemp? – YES!

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Historically without a doubt Honduras is a prime location to grow numerous plantation crops and that includes Hemp. The following is an article from 1942. The Honduras was used as a jurisdiction to grow Hemp for the war effort, the USA at that time needed a place where the Japanese where not entrenched. The Bureau of Economic Warfare had a vested interest with plantation operators in Honduras namely in this case The United Fruit Company.

In the article you can see what care was taken to ensure the hemp crops success as it was truly a vital component to the Allied Victory of World War Two.



3963 Acres Agricultural Land For Industrial Hemp Cultivation


Location: Northern seaboard of Honduras, near the city of Colon, Olancho.

The overall climate of Honduras is tropical, characterized by warm weather and periods of rain. The region of the land location is especially tropical, as it is near the coast. The combination of land characteristics make it very suitable for Industrial Hemp Cultivation.


mapa de ubicacion general EXP 5 (2)Land Condition: The land being provided is flat, as it is near the coast. Additionally, the ground cover is primarily weeds and brush. Preparation of the land for planting and harvesting a crop will not be a big undertaking, due to the terrain and already relatively clear land. The land is accessible by paved roads, and the entrance is approximately 2-3 miles from the main roads leading to two major sea ports.


Available Business Opportunity: Northern is willing to designate 1000 acres of land to any renewable resource company or organization willing to Joint Venture in a project utilizing the land.


Closest Sea Ports To Industrial Hemp Project

Puerto Castilla – Approximately 60 miles from land locationPuerto Castilla

  • Container Terminal

  • Small Port

  • Can Accommodate Most Sub-Panamax Ships


Puerto Cortes – Approximately 200 miles from land location
Puerto Cortez

  • Only Deep Water Port in Central America
  • Largest Docking Space 4000 ft.
  • Capacity 10 vessels, 30,000 DWTS
  • 24 Hour Container Terminal Service
    • 7 Times Per Week to Miami (48 hours by sea)
    • 4 Times Per Week to New Orleans
    • 4 Times Per Week to New York
    • 2 Times Per Week to Europe


An opportunity, maybe a one in a life time chance to be a founding member of an Industrial Hemp Farm. When we say farm me mean


multiple thousands of acres for plantation and cultivation of Hemp! Grow Opps, Crop Sharing, Joint Ventures, Land Leasing, and

Industrial Hemp growing licenses (in the jurisdiction where we have the license subject to land availability in said jurisdictions).

If you have a website, business, private investors club, Crowdfunding network, etc and think you can support the sign up of people in a co-operative funding project explicitly to cultivate a green, organic, and ethical Industrial Hemp Crop then please read on and contact us today.

This is your chance to literally get in on the ground or should we say dirt level of a 100 year opportunity!