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This is John AKA: ~Q~ here on behalf of and sites.

I live in the Gastown district of Vancouver British Columbia and so I am reaching out to the local cannabis culture pundits as it where.

Today this posts subject is of my review of

Farm Dispensary
Farm Dispensary

Farm has a promo where if you leave a review on ( you can find us here: ) You will receive 1 free gram. You can do so by visiting Farm on Leafly here:

I did just that I left my review and sure enough when I returned to Farm I simply gave my leafly profile name and I received 1 gram of Big Bud.

IMG_20150928_153249 IMG_20150928_153233 IMG_20150928_153245

All in all farm is a nice little place tucked away in Gastown (DTES Vancouver).

They have great specials and promo’s . If you are in Vancouver or from where ever and are looking for a straight forward budget friendly medical marijuana dispensary with a large selection and price range the we / I do recommend Farm dispensary.

Here are their current specials.

Daily Specials

-$6/grams (Premium strains)
-Free $5 joint with any purchase above $50

-$20/eighths (Select strains)
-$30/eighths (Premium+ strains)

-$140/oz & $70/half oz (Select strains)
-$150/oz & $80/half oz (Premium strains)
-$40/quarter (Premium strains)
-$50/quarter (Premium+ strains)

-Free gram with purchase of an eighth (Premium strains)
-Free $3 joint with purchase of any $12 strain 

-$15/eighths (Select strains)
-$20/eighths (Premium strains)
-$30/eighths (Premium+ strains)

-$5 off Shatter, Budder & Oil
-$40/quarters (Premium strains)
-$50/quarters (Premium+ strains)

-$2 off all $8, $9, $10 & $12 strains 

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