BREAKING: Legal Marijuana Is Now Available In Las Vegas!


Today is a historic day for Las Vegas. Marijuana is officially being sold, legally, to registered patients in Las Vegas.

All eyes in the industry are on Nevada right now. They are the first state to allow reciprocity (meaning anyone with a license in another state can purchase marijuana in Nevada). Before today, the only dispensary in Nevada was in Sparks, which is about 3.5 hours away from Las Vegas.

Euphoria Wellness is the name of the only dispensary currently open in Las Vegas, and the all-so-important lab testing was completed by none other than Digipath Labs.

The potentials for sales and revenue in Las Vegas are potentially higher than any city due to its availability to tourists, and the 48 million tourists per year that visit the city.

It took about 15 years from the approval of this process to the actual first sale of Marijuana in Vegas. This is due to many things, but recently, the strict testing regulations have held up this historic moment. Source