Black Market Cannabis Edibles Pose Safety Concerns

Black Market Cannabis Edibles Pose Safety Concerns

By Gooey Rabinski – Sep 25, 2015

Among the more meaningful cliches regarding group dynamics and public policy is “a few bad apples,” with the connotation that a small number of dissenters from any group can tarnish or even ruin things for everyone.

In this case, that group is legitimate and legal cultivators, processors, dispensaries, and retail stores that play some role in the production and sales of safe, laboratory-tested edibles and cannabis-infused foods. Such marijuana-enhanced munchables include baked goods, energy drinks, hemp smoothies, chocolate, candy, and even flavored milk (a modern day twist on classic Indian bhang).

Also known as “medibles” when sold through medical dispensaries, canna-food has been all the rage in Colorado, and other legal states, for several years. The end of recreational prohibition in the state, which began in 2014, has propelled some Denver-based edibles companies to national brands and increased demand for edibles by a significant margin.


According to the state of Colorado, a single serving of THC in an edible is 10 mg. Those wishing to consume greater quantities for recreational or medicinal purposes obviously can eat multiple servings, often available in a single protein bar, cookie, or brownie. Popular options available in many dispensaries and retail stores in Colorado offer indica, sativa, and hybrid THC varieties of chocolate bars and other edibles, typically ranging from 50 to 100 mg per package, but sometimes reaching as high as 300 mg or more.

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