ALERT: Fentanyl Laced Cannabis (Marijuana Pot / Weed etc.) In Kamloops British Columbia Canada.

A Kamloops social agency is issuing a warning today about a potentially deadly batch of marijuana making the rounds. ASK Wellness is worried about the general population, especially younger people, who could be putting themselves in harm’s way by smoking up.10988474_963522260350591_5675526665529389058_o

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Ken Salter of ASK Wellness says he’s just learned there is pot laced with fentanyl that is being sold in Kamloops.


Fentanyl is a drug that is considered to be one hundred times more potent than heroin. Salter says there’s no way to tell pot is laced with fentanyl simply by looking at it. He advises people who smoke marijuana to know the source of the drug, know the dealer, and if it tastes funny not to smoke it.